Zapier Integration adds over 3000 web apps to Squirrel

by | Feb 22, 2022

Zap your data to over 3,000 tools with the Zapier + Squirrel365 integration


We love Squirrel (I know, we’re biased) and we love our Zapier integration for Squirrel.

Squirrel allows you to create just about anything that your mind can conceive (and that your spreadsheets skills allow). So we asked ourselves ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you could integrate Squirrel with other web apps?’ We thought so. And that’s why we created our Zapier integration for Squirrel!

Zapier allows you to connect your favourite apps to automate repetitive tasks (like data transfers) – so you can focus on more important work. Plus, creating your automated workflow with zaps is really simple and requires no coding or developer help. With our Zapier trigger, you can share anything from your spreadsheet with over 3,000 web-based apps. Including Google Sheets, JIRA, HubSpot, Salesforce and Gmail – to name just a few. Not only will this integration help save you (and your dev team) hours, but it also unlocks tons of new use cases to integrate your Squirrel Projects across teams and platforms.



Some of our Favourite Squirrel and Zapier workflows

We surveyed the team to get a list of their favourite Squirrel + Zapier ideas that you can create and start using today:

  • Capture leads and create customer profiles by integrating your Squirrel projects with Hubspot or Salesforce.
  • Set up alerts to send SMS or email when thresholds are exceeded on a Dashboard built with Squirrel.
  • Create Trello cards from tasks submitted from a task app (Squirrel project)
  • Get notified and follow up with prospects as soon as they complete a quote.
  • Send input directly from your Squirrel projects to Google Sheets or Airtable to easily organise responses.
  • Create a new Jira issue based on an enquiry or feature request in your Squirrel app.
  • Notify in teams when actions and events happen within your Squirrel App


The possibilities are endless. We’d love to hear how you are using Squirrel365 and Zapier together to automate your workflows.


How it works

With no coding and just a few clicks, you can connect Squirrel with over 3,000 apps, powered by Zapier.


Getting Started with Zapier and Squirrel365

Create a free Zapier account to connect your apps and start automating stuff! Setting up your workflows with zaps is really simple and required no development work:



  1. Add Zapier to your Squirrel project – With your project open in the Squirrel designer, expand the connections drawer and add a Zapier Trigger to your project.
  2. Choose what data you want to send to Zapier – Select the range of cells containing the data to send to Zapier and register this trigger to get your ‘Zap Key’ (required by the Squirrel365 trigger in Zapier).
  3. Log in to Zapier and create a new zap – Within Zapier, choose Squirrel365 as your “source” app, which means an action will automatically be triggered when your Squirrel project sends it.
  4. Confirm Squirrels Zap key – Enter the Zap key, copied from the connection properties in Squirrel.
  5. Choose an app and action – Choose which app you would like to connect with Squirrel and what should happen when you send data to it.
  6. Start automating stuff – Each time the trigger fires in Squirrel it will automatically and securely send information to your selected app and trigger your desired action.


Zap! Zap! Now you’re able to share data from Squirrel projects with all of your favourite apps.


Want to learn more?

Watch our on-demand webinar showing the Zapier integration for Squirrel in action. Or for more detailed instructions check out the help article on the Learn section of the website.
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