Create interactive web content and apps from your spreadsheet, for free.

Using Squirrel365 and your spreadsheet skills, you have the power to build anything. No code required.

Transform an ordinary spreadsheet into extraordinary
content using clicks not code.

It doesn’t get much easier than this…

1. Import

Import your Excel or Google files to provide the foundation for your project. Or start from scratch in the Squirrel spreadsheet.

2. Create

Add visual components to your project, customise them to get the look you want, then connect to the spreadsheet to bring them to life.

3. Share

Use a Web link to share your creation with colleagues or to embed it into your SharePoint, WordPress or any other website. You can even add your project directly into PowerPoint.

Trusted by organisations of all sizes

“The product is fantastic. Squirrel is making a real difference to our business”

 John Owens, PayWith

“Squirrel gives us the interactive capability we need for doing our ‘what-if’ scenarios."

Randy Kerns, Evaluator Group

“The team looked at other products but Squirrel ticked all the boxes in terms of ease of use, flexibility and highly engaging output.”


David Behr, USPI

“We have a lot of dashboards that have very high aesthetic requirements, and for that reason we picked Squirrel over others.”


Narmadhaa Surenthan, Tenet Health

What will you create today?

What will you create in Squirrel365?