Account-based licensing and improved billing/subscription management
We’ve been hard at work improving some of our back end systems to bring you a better experience. After updating to 1.9, when you launch Squirrel you will be prompted to complete your account registration. Follow the steps on-screen and log in to Squirrel to carry on as normal.

All new account management area

We’ve added a new account management portal that allows you to:

  • Easily manage your payment card details
  • Access to billing history to download invoices
  • Manage your profile online


In-app help and resources

We’ve added the ability to make help available from right there in the Squirrel Designer. Look out for in-app guides for new features and functionality.


‘Click to follow’ property bindings

The binding tooltip has been enhanced to jump you to the cell/range in your spreadsheet that the property is bound to. This should make it a lot easier to navigate around your projects and work out what is linked to what.