Deprecation of support for Internet Explorer
Squirrel 1.8 will be the last version that supports Internet Explorer (IE). From 1.9 the output from Squirrel will only be viewable in a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (chromium version) and Apple Safari.

This is in line with Microsoft’s own policy which dropped Teams support for IE late in 2020 and plans to drop IE support for 365 Apps (including Excel, Outlook and OneDrive) from 17th August 2021. You can read more about Microsofts plans to end support for apps and services here

Deprecation of experimental xlf migration utility
Some customers have tried out an experimental feature added to Squirrel for Migrating XLF’s. This migration wizard has been deprecated and will be unavailable from builds 1.9 and beyond.


New Components 

We’ve added a bumper crop of new components to Squirrel to make building apps even easier:

  • Date Picker
  • Toggle Switch
  • Progress Bar
  • Icon
  • Metric Tile

New connections

Read data from and create, update records in this popular no-code database.

Zapier trigger
You can now use Squirrel to trigger workflows in Zapier meaning you can send data from Squirrel to over 3,700 other systems.


Component Enhancements

We’ve added a property to let you fix the height of rows in the body of the scorecard. You’ll find it under BODY ROW STYLING. Turning on the option to ‘Enable fixed row height’ allows you to enter the row height in pixels.
This is useful if you want to display more rows in a set table size or to ensure that the scorecard rows line up exactly up with other components consistently across browsers.

Unsplash integration
The image component has a new option to search for and add images from Unsplash. No more trawling the internet to find a suitable image you can do it directly from within Squirrel.

Maintain aspect ratio
The aspect ratio of an image is now locked by default. You can override this by disabling this setting in the properties panel for the image.


Designer workflow improvements

Binding Tooltips
A tooltip now displays the full cell reference when the mouse hovers over a bound property.

New spreadsheet number format
It is now possible to select a number format that shows a comma as the thousand separator in the spreadsheet


Publishing workflow enhancements

We now carry forward the project name from the canvas properties meaning you don’t have to keep entering the name for your project each time you publish.

NB: for older projects, you will need to go and set the name in the canvas properties before publishing as it will override the name you specify in the project name field during the publish dialog.


44+ bugs fixed including:


      • Open recent file does not always work if the current project has unsaved changes
      • Some range references get wrongly stripped of quotes if sheet names have spaces in them
      • Clearing the undo/redo stack on re-import of spreadsheet
      • Data mover getting stuck in a loop under certain circumstances and causing Squirrel to crash.