Repeat container goes horizontal – Repeat objects in columns or rows

The repeat container has a new option allowing you to set the direction that your content repeats in. Choose to repeat content in columns instead of rows and you can easily create dynamic column based designs such as pricing tables, cards and carousels.


Independent border and padding control

Take full control of your borders and padding with advanced properties allowing you to set independent:
  • Corner radius
  • Border width
  • Padding.


Color picker gets gradients

We’ve completely re-written the property panel color picker. It now has support for gradients. This release supports gradients on the rectangle and main canvas components. This will be rolled out across more component in future releases.


Custom code – Add custom CSS and JavaScript

Add custom CSS and JavaScript to your projects to further customise the look and feel of applications.


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager gives you the ability to add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, re-marketing and more. You can now add your GTM container ID to your Squirrel projects.


We’ve also been busy exterminating bugs and generally improving things including:

  • Selection box now moves correctly when x and/or y properties are bound
  • Font switcher now displays fonts in descending order
  • Correct the automatic number sequence of objects in the object browser
  • Google Sheet connector now brings single values through correctly
  • Fixed a crash in the scenario component
  • Web View components now no longer run when they are dynamically hidden
  • Fixed issue with repeat container scrollbars not showing correctly
  • Header wrapping applied to scorecard and data table components
  • Scorecard data insertion correctly resets when selected item is changed to -1.

Learn more about the changes in 1.17 here.