Project Settings – A single place for export settings and more

Previously you had to change the canvas settings and export options in different places, and in some cases you could change things in more than one place. Now they have their own home in the File > Project Settings window. This is the go-to location to change settings which affect your whole project.


Save your Squirrel file when publishing

In the new Project Settings window, you can now optionally turn on the ability to store a copy of your SQRL file when you publish your project to the cloud. You can then download this file from your Project Manager. This will help keep track of which SQRL file was used for each published project.


Create Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

As a PWA, your Squirrel project can be installed on desktop and mobile devices, where it will look and feel like a native application. With the magic of caching, your Squirrel project, published as a PWA, is usable offline. You enable PWA in the new Project Settings window.


New Google Sheets and Excel Online connectors – Read and write to your spreadsheets

Connect directly to your Google Sheet or Excel document and bring in your data as a live connection. You can also write back and store data in your documents too.


Smartsheet connectivity – Read and write to Smartsheets

Easily build apps on top of smartsheet. Let a smartsheet backend power you app with our new smartsheet connectors that allow you to read, update and insert data to your sheets as a live connection.


We also squished over 40 bugs and made a few improvements including:

  • Text input now works correctly inside the repeat container
  • You can copy and paste containers now without the risk of it crashing Squirrel
  • Zapier connector trigger can now handle empty values
  • The dropdown height can now handle fonts smaller than 15px
  • Recent colours is now unique to each user on shared machines
  • You can now turn off the hover text styling on the scorecard.

Learn more about the changes in 1.16 here.