Repeat Container – Save time using the new Repeat Container

Building interfaces just got loads easier. Drag and arrange objects into the repeat container and they are automatically repeated in rows (column and grid layouts coming soon). The magic happens when you bind the container to a range that contains all the values that should be dynamically replaced in the property bindings for each new instance of the object/component.


Impact analysis

Ever wondered what is putting data into that cell in the spreadsheet? or if you’ll break anything if you update a valuue or formula? With Impact analysis we’ve made it possible to select a cell in the spreadsheet and find out what components, functions or connections are bound to that cell, or even what formulas are referencing it.


Bulk property editing – Update properties on multiple objects in one go

Select multiple objects of the same type and update their properties at the same time.


Font Switcher

Changing the font used in a project (especially after you were a considerable way into its creation) used to be painful. Now you can get a list of used fonts and styles and switch then easily for another.


New and updated components, functions and connections

  • Text Area – NEW
  • Multi-select Dropdown – NEW
  • Browser Info – NEW
  • Hotspot now lets you capture the mouse position ( x and y)
  • CSV connector gets Data Sheet option


We also squished a bunch of bugs and made a few improvements including:

  • Adding alignment options in to the quick setup tab on Text Label
  • Fixed an issue where the zoom level wasn’t reseting properly on the selection layer after going into an out of debug
  • Object browser icons now display properly on high DPI screens
  • We fixed a few bothersome chart issues including tooltips not ignoring end blanks, alerting not working when sorting is applied and a crash when binding pie charts to a single cell
  • Number formatting on slider tooltip fixed.

Learn more about the changes in 1.15 here.