Performance improvements – Faster loading projects

We’ve improved runtime load performance (the time it takes to load the published project) and reduced the length of time taken to open large projects in the designer. We’ve seen files open up to 14x quicker and published projects load up to 19x faster in the browser.

The spreadsheet is getting quicker too. We’ve optimised how the calculation engine runs to get the same results with less processing.


Scrollbars on containers

Make your projects more versatile with scrolling containers. The container component now includes an option to enable scrollbars. Turn this on to get scrollbars appearing.


Conditional logic for Dynamic Visibility

You can now choose to show or hide components based on more than just matching a value. Conditions include:

  • equal / not equal
  • gtr than / gtr than equal to
  • less than / less than equal to
  • is empty / is not empty

We’ve also added the option to ignore the case


Tableau Parameters

It’s now easier to set up and configure parameters for integrating with Tableau. The new Tableau Parameter function makes passing data into your embedded Squirrel projects a cinch.


We also squashed a bunch of bugs including:


      • Tooltips are back on the slider component
      • Clicking on the binding tooltip now changes the active sheet and scrolls the sheet to bring the active cell/range into view
      • Changed the abbreviation for values in charts to use B, rather than G, for billions
      • Fixed a scenario where the designer would crash when using Data Insertion on Bar Chart with sorting applied.

Learn more about the changes in 1.14 here.