Quick Setup Properties – We’ve simplified setting up components

The new ‘Quick Setup’ panel is a curated set of properties that help you configure, and style, your component quickly and easily. No more wading through sections and subsections to complete the basic setup. Don’t worry though, all the fine control over how a component looks and behaves is still there under the ‘All Properties’ tab

The quick setup properties also include help on each section, accent colours (pick a colour and we take care of the rest including text colour contrast) and text styles.


More font choice and recent colours

We’ve extended the list of fonts available by adding popular google fonts such as Roboto, Montserrat and Ubunto. And the colour picker has been updated to include a list of recently used colours, making it easier to style your projects.


Object Browser – New and improved

When dealing with large numbers of components and groups, it could be hard to find the one you are looking for. We’ve added a search bar to make this easier.  While we were at it we flipped the order of the component list so it now works like other tools where objects at the top are the topmost layer. And a new right-click menu gives you access to perform common actions on one or more selected objects.


Chart enhancements – Abbreviate large numbers

Our new single tooltip cleans up your charts so that you don’t need a separate tooltip for every series. And we’ve added vertical gridlines too, giving you more control over how you style your charts.


We also squashed a bunch of bugs including:


      • Issues with some currency symbols in charts causing a crash
      • Fixed the border on/off property not working for label based menu
      • Up/down arrows not always working on border-width property

Learn more about the changes in 1.12 here.