The 12 Days of ‘Squirrel-mas’

by | Dec 15, 2023

🎄On the first day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We found a Squirrel in an oak tree!

As Christmas comes closer, the Squirrel team wanted to have a little festive fun! Taking the “12 Days of Christmas” song, we explored Squirrel to see if we could list items for each day in the song. 

As the first gift in the song is “a partridge in a pear tree…” we thought we’d start with a squirrel in an oak tree – a little light-hearted nod to our product’s namesake. We looked at some of our favourite functions and components for each of the other eleven days.

🎄On the second day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We played with the two Media components!

The Image and Icon components add much-needed visual aspects to any project. Whether they be diagrams, photographs, or icon-based navigation buttons, any of these media components can make a difference.

🎄On the third day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We remembered the three Squirrel core-project concepts

1 / Binding
2 / Data Insertion
3 / Dynamic Visibility

These remain constant when it comes to building your projects in Squirrel.

🎄On the fourth day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We explored the four available canvas size options.

Available from the get go, you can jump right in with our default canvas options. Each device category has a drop-down that expands containing more standard canvas sizes.

Or, if there’s a size you specifically want, use the Custom option to enter your own canvas Width and Height.

🎄On the fifth day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We were inspired by five projects built by other users – take a look!

1 / Animated Data Table with Spotify Data – Josh Tapley
2 / Dashboard Color Checker – Cameron Seamons
3 / Using Squirrel for Multi user / Live applications – Rob Scott
4 / Custom Visualization: Rounded Gradient Bar Chart – Josh Tapley
5 / Play Tetris – Graham Ames

🎄On the sixth day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We looked into the six steps for project building!

1 / Start with the spreadsheet… as the powerhouse of your project, it provides both the data and the logic.
2 / Add components… with a library packed full of charts, tables, image and text components, you choose how you want to present your data.
3 / Bring your content to life… connect your components to cells in the spreadsheet and watch the magic happen!
4 / Connect to your data… connect your Squirrel projects to external data so they are always up to date.
5 / Publish and share… embed into SharePoint or other websites using cloud embed code, or export and host locally on your own web server.
6 / Manage with ease… activate and deactivate your published projects or change their sharing options in the Squirrel Project Manager

Check them out on our website’s Features page!

🎄On the seventh day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We experimented with the seven Data Insertion types!

1 / Position – Insert the selected item’s position in the list into the spreadsheet
2 / Series Name – Enter the name of the selected Series into the spreadsheet
3 / Category Name – Enter the name of the selected Category into the spreadsheet
4 / Value – Enter a specified value or set of values into the spreadsheet
5 / Row – Enter a selected row or rows of data into the spreadsheet based on the value selected
6 / Column – Enter a selected column or columns into the spreadsheet based on the value selected
7 / Status List – Create a status list to track the status of selected and deselected values

🎄On the eighth day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We pushed the limits of the eight Conditional Logic comparators!

1 / ‘=’ Equals
2 / ‘<>’ Is Not
3 / ‘<’ Less Than
4 / ‘<=’ Less Than/ Equal to
5 / ‘>’ Greater Than
6 / ‘>=’ Greater Than/ Equal to
7 / ‘Is Empty’
8 / ‘Is Not Empty’

🎄On the ninth day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We explored the nine Component categories!

1 / Charts – Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart…
2 / Data Viz – Gauge, Gantt, Word Cloud…
3 / Tables – Data Table, Scorecard…
4 / Controls – Push Button, Drop-down, Radio Button…
5 / Text – Text Input, Text Label…
6 / Shapes – Rectangle, Line, Ellipse…
7 / Media – Image, Icons…
8 / Containers – Repeat Container, Web View…
9 / Add-ons Check available add-ons here!

🎄On the tenth day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We tidied up the visual elements of our projects using the ten Alignment Options

1 / Align to left-side
2 / Align to centre
3 / Align to right-side
4 / Align to top
5 / Align to middle
6 / Align to bottom
7 / Distribute horizontally
8 / Distribute vertically
9 / Match height
10 / Match width

Don’t forget!! The first object you select is the one that all the alignment, size and position operations will be based on.


🎄On the eleventh day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We downloaded our eleven most popular add-ons! They’ve been a hit since we launched the Marketplace!

1 / Gradient Background
2 / File Loader
3 / Unique List
4 / Range Slider
5 / Alert Icon
6 / Lottie Animations
7 / Toast
8 / Window Size
9 / Sparkchart
10 / Copy To Clipboard
11 / Card Slider



🎄On the twelfth day of ‘Squirrel-mas’…🎄

We made a list of our twelve favourite fonts available in Squirrel!

1 / Poppins
2 / Montserrat
3 / Ubuntu
4 / Lato
5 / Open Sans
6 / Source Sans Pro
7 / Bree Serif
8 / Rubik
9 / Heebo
10 / Roboto Slab
11 / Signika
12 / Noto Sans

And that about wraps it up!

With this in mind, we would like to invite all of you to participate in the challenge by creating your own ’12 days of Squirrel-mas’ list. We have created a challenge on the Squirrel Community page where you can share yours and we will make sure to highlight our favourite entries.

From all of us here at Squirrel365, we wish you all a very happy Christmas!

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