Squirrel Hackathon at IBIS 2023

by | Jul 12, 2023

The Squirrel hackathon challenge!

For the second year running the IBIS conference featured a Squirrel Hackathon. Last year we had some fantastic entries.

This year, attendees were invited to create an app, dashboard or calculator using the no-code app-building platform Squirrel365. Participants are given a spreadsheet, a little bit of context, and set up with a Squirrel365 account. They have 3-4 hrs (broken down into 1 hr sessions at the beginning and end of each conference day) to create something.

The data for the challenge was provided by Greenlight Solutions. Greenlight are dedicated to helping students launch careers in sustainability, and businesses go green. They are passionate about making sustainability solutions achievable and accessible to everyone through their Student-Led Sustainability Projects, Bootcamps, and Sustainability Seminars.

The challenge centred around the data collected by Greenlight’s ‘Green team’ who work with the organisers of events to manage and process the waste generated. They were looking for smarter ways to measure and visualise how much waste has been diverted from landfill as a result.

The spreadsheet contained ‘made-up data’ for several events, and the key calculations required to turn that data into meaningful numbers.

From the submitted hackathon entries, it is easy to see how quickly someone with no prior experience can create something of value using Squirrel365.

Have a look at what was created. We think they are all pretty awesome!

Waste Managament Impact Dashboard

Click to view the interactive version

Squirrel Hackathon - Chris Lilley
Squirrel Hackathon - David Behr
Squirrel Hackathon - Catherine Warren

Diversion rate calculator

Click to view the interactive version

Squirrel Hackathon - Frank Foos

There were two projects that really stood out to the Judge – Ashley, Exec Director at GreenLight Solutions. Congratulations to Chris Lilley, and to David & Jordyn Behr.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in this year’s hackathon and for producing some fantastic no-code solutions. 

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No-code Games Gallery

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