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Create an app using spreadsheet logic and share with a link or embed in your website.


Per month, billed annually

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Per month, billed annually

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Publish a single live app

Up to 10MB storage

250 views per month.

Connect to Google Sheets and Excel online (Up to 50 rows)


Create more apps powered by spreadsheet formulas and dynamic data.


Per month, billed annually

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Per month, billed annually

Buy Creator 10

Up to 500MB storage

No limit on number of views *

Integrate with over 3000 other platforms using Zapier

Connect your project to live, on-line data (Excel online and Google Sheets).


Build and integrate web apps for your business using spreadsheet logic.


Per month, billed annually

Buy Builder 10


Per month, billed annually

Buy Builder 20

Unlimited storage *

No limit on number of views *

More functions and connectivity options including writeback

Export as a web app and host on your own servers.

* Subject to the fair use policy outlined in the Terms of Use

Need to buy multiple subscriptions of Squirrel?

Need to buy multiple subscriptions of Squirrel?

Pricing FAQs

Do I need to provide my credit card details to get the free version of Squirrel?

No, the Squirrels Free plan is completely free and doesn’t require you to provide us with any credit card details.

What is a live project?

A live project is a Squirrel project that has either been published to the Squirrel Cloud and set as live or published as a local web app.

How many live projects can I have active at any one time?

The number of live projects you can have active is dependent on your Squirrel plan.

Projects can be moved to “Draft” to free space for new Live Projects.

What happens if I do not renew my subscription?

If you choose not to renew your Squirrel subscription, your account will automatically revert to a Free plan at the end of your billing period. If your usage is outside of the free plan limits, when his happens all existing projects will be marked as draft and no longer accessible by anyone other than you.

You will be able to access all of your projects through the project manager as before but you will only be able to make one of them live at any one time and will no longer have access to features that not available in the Free plan. 

Do you offer pricing for students, educational establishments or non-profit organisations?

Yes. Please contact us for details.

Do I have to buy online?

No. For Creator 10 and above, If you would rather raise a PO and be invoiced please get in touch.

Can I install Squirrel on multiple computers?

Squirrel subscriptions are sold on a named user basis. You may install Squirrel on up to 3 machines i.e. your Desktop and your laptop as long, as it is the licensee using it.

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