More dashboard awards for Squirrel365

by | Jun 15, 2021

Based on a press release from the 15th June 2021


The InfoSol 2021 BI Dashboard Awards winners have been announced, and for the second year running, Squirrel365 dashboards led the field.

Following last year’s Squirrel success for USPI (USPI Wins Award for Covid Supplies and Staffing Tracking System), this time it was Salesforce and FutureMetrics who won the “Most Valuable Dashboard” and “Limitless Business Intelligence” awards respectively for their Squirrel projects.

This year’s winning dashboards were examples of interactive value calculators which are commonly used by Squirrel customers to help articulate business value and ROI impact to prospects and customers.

Yolande Grill, COO of InfoSol said, “The winning dashboards were remarkable, and show the wide applicability of value calculator dashboards. From showing the value of cloud services to helping reduce carbon emissions, both cases help to uniquely position their respective companies’ products and services.”

Mel Sheppard, Chief Experience Officer of Squirrel365 said, “It’s really exciting to see Squirrel365 projects winning more awards. Squirrel is being widely used across many customers to create interactive calculators such as these award-winning examples. It’s great to see them get recognition for the exceptional value they can deliver with Squirrel.”


About the Awards

The InfoSol Dashboard Awards are a much-anticipated highlight at the annual IBIS conference. They encourage creativity and ingenuity by showcasing business intelligence solutions used to benefit businesses and their customers.

InfoSol Inc is a visionary provider of information systems solutions delivering effective business intelligence and custom applications. Founded in 1997, it has a long and trusted pedigree with BI and dashboard solutions. It is a leading provider of SAP BusinessObjects consulting. And its InfoBurst platform provides a state-of-the-art business intelligence publishing system.


About the winners

Saleforce recieving their award via zoom

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company offering a top-rated customer relationship management system. With Squirrel365, they built a value calculator to enable customers to better understand their ROI and drive cloud adoption.

Courtney Culver and Ziv Barzilly were able to receive their award virtually.



FutureMetrics is the leading consultancy in the wood pellet sector. It provides intelligent analysis, operations guidance, and strategic leadership. FutureMetric’s interactive calculators help drive customers towards negative CO2 emissions.

Dr William Strauss attended IBIS in person to collect his award.



About Squirrel365

Squirrel365 lets you build interactive visualizations, value calculators, and applications from your spreadsheets. It’s the no-code platform for the spreadsheet community. Visit the Squirrel Showcase for inspiration and a chance to download and interact with the projects.

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