Evaluator Group simplifies analysis for their clients

by | Mar 9, 2023

Evaluator Group is an IT analyst firm providing independent expertise in data and information management. They use Squirrel365 to help make their research data more accessible to their clients.

Typically, data from Evaluator Group’s research is collected and analysed in Excel/spreadsheets. This information is compiled into extensive PDF files and delivered to their clients. They required a better solution. One that would enable clients to quickly access the results of the research, without needing to delve into PDFs.

Enter Squirrel365!

With the research data already in Excel, it can easily be imported into the Squirrel365 designer, allowing the team at Evaluator Group to continue using their spreadsheet skills. Combined with the drag-and-drop UI building capabilities of Squirrel365, this allows them to create an intuitive and interactive interface – without the need for code. By adding connections to Google Sheets and Zapier they have created a dynamic solution that ensures the latest data is presented at all times.

Squirrel365 outputs the project as standard Web content. So Evaluator Group can easily embed their new capability directly inside their existing client portal. This provides seamless access to the new streamlined data navigators and gives their clients a natural path to better, easier-to-access information.

“What we have done with Squirrel is create an interactive version of the matrix. Clients can simply pick the products they are interested in to get specific comparisons”

Mitch Lewis
Research Associate, Evaluator Group

Check out the full Evaluator Group case study.

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