For the initial release of Squirrel 1.6 exported projects will only work when they are accessed via a web server. This means that unlike previous version it will not be possible to run a Squirrel project exported from 1.6 by double clicking on “index.html” of a project stored on a file store. We plan to release an update in the near future which will restore this capability.


New and enhanced components

We’ve added 2 new components; Data Table and Hotspot.

Data Table lets you pull the formatting from your spreadsheet through into the table component on the canvas. That means cell-based formatting!!

Hotpsot is an invisible component that allows your project to respond to “mouse over” and “mouse out” events. This means your project can now respond as the user drags their mouse across the screen, perhaps to provide a pop-up help bubble or to change a related aspect of the project elsewhere on the screen.

We’ve also made significant improvements to the line component which now easily allows horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to be added to a project.


Enhancements to other components

  • added the ability to optionally turn off the tooltip on a slider
  • added number formatting for the slider
  • added an “ALL” option to a multi-select listbox
  • stopped containers from blocking mouse interaction with components underneath them.


Autosave and preventing designer restarts

It is very frustrating when Squirrel encounters an issue which means that you have to restart the designer potentially losing work you have done on your project. To counter this we have fixed over 30 issues which lead to this situation and in addition, we have added an autosave feature which will recover your project if the designer needs to be restarted. No action is required on your part, if the designer does need to restart then after it does you will be prompted with a message asking you if you want to recover the latest version of your project.


Spreadsheet functions

We have added support for a couple of new spreadsheet functions, namely, IFERROR, IFS and LOG and overhauled spreadsheet date handling. Additionally, we have made enhancements and fixes to a number of others, including:









Spreadsheet workflow enhancements

To make working in the Squirrel spreadsheet more natural and closer in operation to other spreadsheets we have added a number of enhancements which should make things flow more smoothly, including:

  • Cursor keys can be used to create formulas
  • Cursor keys are now active when binding cells in the spreadsheet
  • Hitting the return key now actions a bind operation
  • Cut and paste of cells and insertion and deletion of rows and columns updates dependent formulas and component bindings
  • Ctrl-r and ctrl-d will respectively copy the first cell across or down a selected range
  • Holding down the control key modifies the cursor keys to move the selected cell to the beginning or end of the next block of data (this also works whilst holding down the shift key to extend the selected range)


Designer Workflow Enhancements

To help save you time in the designer we have added the following enhancements to streamline your workflow:

  • ability to select multiple objects in the canvas using click and drag
  • ability to size a component as you place it on the canvas
  • shift-click and ctrl-click selects multiple components in the object browser
  • multiple objects can be moved together in the object browser
  • holding shift when dragging objects on the canvas constrains their movement to horizontally or vertically
  • holding shift when re-sizing a component on the canvas maintains the ratio of height and width
  • menu items on the “Arrange” menu to move components backwards and forwards on the canvas.


Fullscreen scaling

Prior to 1.6 the fullscreen scaling option when applied to exported project meant that the project would anly scale if the browser window was larger than the original project canvas size. From 1.6 onwards scaling will also happen when the browser window is smaller than the original project


We obliterated 100+ bugs including:


      • table columns not sorting correctly

      • exporting a spreadsheet could leave #REF references in formulas

      • exporting a spreadsheet mapped all named ranges to the first sheet

      • number formatting to zero decimal places not working in pie chart labels and tooltips