Squirrel was made for you  

Easily create interactive content, then share your projects with whoever, wherever you like.

Creating projects is a breeze

Simple and intuitive

Get up and running quickly with easy onboarding

Squirrel’s easy onboarding means you can start creating straight away. Choose from our selection of short tutorials with hints and tips to help you do what you want to do.

Beautiful by default

Create good looking content from the get-go

Squirrel’s components have been designed to look good from the minute you add them to the canvas. And it gets better: customize your component with the Properties Panel, making the design your own.

Your data, your way

Connect to your data and make it dynamic

Work with static spreadsheets or connect to live data: simply import your Excel file or connect to external sources including .csv files, SAP Business Objects or InfoBurst. Alternatively, manually input straight into Squirrel. It’s easy!

Intelligent interaction

Build interactivity into your projects

This is where it gets clever! Wire up your components to give users control over what they see. Your projects will be both beautiful and functional.

26+ Components

Squirrel’s extensive range of components gives you the flexibility to create content your way.

100+ Customisations

Customise components with the Properties Panel — make them look and behave the way you want.

Unlimited draft projects

Work on multiple projects. There are no limitations to the number of draft projects you can work on.


Share for free, no catch

There’s absolutely no need to pay for additional consumer licences: you can share your project with as many people as you want.

And just for all you Xcelsius folk…

A helping hand

Familiar interface layout, and core functionality

To help you settle into Squirrel and find your way around, we’ve designed an interface that’s similar to Xcelsius. But… it’s better! You’ll be zooming around and building models in no time.

A different view

Troubleshoot your models in Debug mode

Debug is a neat opportunity to check that your model works as intended. It essentially turns on canvas interaction so that you can see what’s happening in the spreadsheet as you interact with your model.

A smooth transition

Get help migrating your .xlfs

You don’t need to throw away your Xcelsius files. With bags of experience converting even the most complicated xlfs to Squirrel, we’re here to help you get your projects off the ground.

Designed for people like you

Squirrel is already being used and loved by our customers.

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