What’s new in Squirrel v1.9

by | Oct 20, 2021

A note about the 1.9 update Process

In 1.9 we have moved from key-based to account-based licence management. This means that when you first start Squirrel having updated form 1.8 to 1.9 you will be prompted to complete your account registration.

The screen you should see is shown below. Enter your email address and a password and then click “Create account”. This will register you in the new system and transfer across all the details of your account which were previously associated with your licence key (NB: the process needs to be run on the machine on which you have previously had 1.8 installed).


Once you are in the Squirrel designer you should visit the Project Manager to make sure that everything is as it should be

You can now use the designer as normal. It would be a good idea to visit the project manager and make sure you see all your projects at this point (if not let us know on support@squirrel365.io).

The registration process will send you an email with a link to verify your email address. Keep an eye out for this as you will need to verify before you can get into the designer a second time.

If you do not receive your validation email then check your junk folder and if you still don’t see it then contact us at support@squirrel365.io.


Important Notice

Deprecation of support for Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge Browsers

With the release of Squirrel 1.9 we are dropping support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) and legacy Edge browsers. After this release, projects published from Squirrel will only be supported in modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (chromium version) and Apple Safari.

This is in line with Microsoft’s own policy which dropped Teams support for IE late in 2020 and IE support for 365 Apps (including Excel, Outlook and OneDrive) on 17th August 2021 (Microsoft 365 apps and services to end support for IE 11)


New capabilities

Although the transition from licence keys to account-based authentication (see below) was supposed to be the only change happening in Squirrel 1.9, we did manage to squeeze in one new capability which extends the binding tooltips we added in 1.8.

In 1.9 these tooltips are also buttons and clicking on them navigates the spreadsheet to highlight the bound range as in the video below:

The main focus for Squirrel 1.9 is a transition from licence keys to account-based authentication (see the top of this page for migration details).

Whilst most of the changes for this transition are “under the covers”, it does provide a number of new capabilities, including:


On-line project manager

As well as being accessible from inside the designer there is now also an online version of the Squirrel Project Manager, it can be found at cloud.squirrel365.io/account/projectmanager.

This provides quick access to the Project Manager from any internet-connected machine rather than just those with the Squirrel designer installed.


No need for a licence key when you re-install

If you have to reinstall the Squirrel designer or move it to another machine then you no longer have to dig out your licence key to do so. Simply install the latest designer and log onto your account when prompted.


More sophisticated online account management

It is now possible to see an overview of your account status, update your profile details change your Squirrel plan and get an overview of your Squirrel usage all through the online Account Manager. For more details see the Account Management section of the knowledge base at squirrel365.io/kb/account-management/.


With account management done we are busy working on 1.10 already… more news on that soon.


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