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Create stunning interactive content from your spreadsheets

Watch Mark Hudson and Donald MacCormick in this fast-paced 30-minute event — you’ll learn how to easily create stunning interactive content from your spreadsheets for PowerPoint and the web. Whether you’re an Excel or Google Sheets fan, your eyes will be opened to the possibilities of what you can build from your spreadsheet data.

Watch this on demand event to learn how to…

  • leverage your existing spreadsheets and knowledge
  • remove the need to send XLS files around the company
  • abstract your spreadsheet formulas from the delivered content
  • interact directly with your Squirrel project within PowerPoint.

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Mark Hudson

With over 25 years of experience, Mark is as passionate as ever about BI. He founded Blue Edge Software and Antivia, and is now Chief Revenue Officer at Squirrel365.

Donald MacCormick

Donald has spent over 20 years in BI, Business Modelling and Analytics with Crystal Decisions, Business Objects, SAP, Antivia, and InsightSoftware. He is now Chief Strategy Officer at Squirrel365.

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