Loading performance

Larger projects’ outputs could take a while to load. We’ve made some big changes to the way we are generating the exported/published content. As a result, any newly generated outputs should load in the browser much quicker now.

And for those really huge projects, a loading indicator has been added so that the user knows something is still happening.


Value input changes

We’ve made some changes to the way percentages are handled. With number formatting set to percentage, we now insert the value as a decimal instead of a whole number. This makes sure we are handling percentages consistently across all our components and prevents the need to manipulate the value (by dividing by 100) in the spreadsheet.

Note: Projects that were created with Value Input (formatted as a percentage) may function differently as a result. Consider undoing any workarounds you had in place to handle percentages.


New Timer function

Timer is our latest small but powerful function. It can be used to loop something a set number of times or until a certain condition is met. It also allows you to insert a ‘delay’ into your project by deferring data insertion by the number of milliseconds specified.


We squished 56 bugs including:


      • An annoying issue where the changes indicator (asterisk) didn’t always go away after a save.

      • If you wanted to import a spreadsheet you had to make sure you didn’t have it open in Excel. This is now sorted so you don’t have to close it first.

      • Added number formatting to the y-axis on charts.

      • Dragging to copy/paste (fill) formulas in the spreadsheet resulted in #ERROR if the formula referenced a different sheet. We fixed that.