Web View

The new Web View component is a versatile component. First and foremost, it allows you to embed web content into your Squirrel project; secondly, multiple people can work on one project at the same time; and thirdly, you can create reusable components that can be used in multiple projects.


External Parameters

We’ve added outbound parameters. So, you can now send and receive data using the external parameters function. This opens up a world of possibilities for passing data into, and out of, your projects.


Spreadsheet binding

You can now type directly in the ‘Select your range’ field when binding. It’s a small enhancement that should make your binding workflow a bit easier. You no longer have to click and drag to select the range each time which means you can make small adjustments easily to your copy and paste ranges.


XLF migration removed

Following feedback, we’ve removed XLF migration from the core product. We’d love to hear from you if you need this feature still.


We squished 51 bugs including:


      • Charts and horizontally structured data had a bit of a fall out.. We’ve patched things up and they’re best of friends again.

      • Dates in the spreadsheet were converting back to UTC for different timezones. This is now fixed.

      • Unexpected responses from database queries and writeback connectors were causing Squirrel to crash. We’ve stopped this from happening and we’ve improved error handling for connectors.

      • Writeback queries weren’t working properly when parameters contained ‘&’. This is now fixed.