Spreadsheet enhancements

The spreadsheet now includes support for named ranges: imported spreadsheets containing named ranges now work as they should and you can add or select named ranges using the area in the top left of the column headers. And by popular demand… OFFSET() has been added to the list of functions.



Database (DB) Query and DB Writeback connectors — you can now connect to InfoBurst and execute SQL statements to retrieve data, or even write information back to, your database. The possibilities are endless!!

We’ve also updated the CSV connector to allow you to filter the data.


More multi-select

We’ve created a List Box component and included support for multiple selections — ideal for allowing users to pick from a list without taking as much space as the List Builder.



We’ve improved the way you add data to charts: the new bind to datablock option lets you add multiple series in one go.


External Parameters function

Pass information into your Squirrel dashboard using the URL or Javascript postMessage.


We fixed a bunch of bugs:


      • Data insertion for Data Mover was not always triggering when status = value. This is fixed.
      • You can now scroll through the sheets to get to those that are outside the visible area of the spreadsheet.
      • Improved handling of negative numbers and decimals in the properties panel.
      • Stopped Squirrel from crashing when binding scorecard headers to a different row.