Datasheets – A better way to load data from Excel Online and Google Sheets.

We’ve been working on a new way to load data from your connectors. Datasheets are a new type of sheet that grow with your data — you no longer need to guess the size of your destination range. Making it quicker and easier to design and build projects. The datasheet option has been added to the Google Sheets and Excel Online connectors.


Load data at design time – Sync datasheets

Connectors that use Datasheets can be synced with their data source at design time. The sync option will grab the latest data and allow you to use it when designing your project. So there is no need to enter dummy/mock data when Datasheets are used.


Drop shadow

Get ‘arty’ with drop shadows.


Project Manager improvements

When working with large numbers of published projects you could find yourself waiting for the page to load. No one ikes to wait so we’ve sorted this out. Your project manager should now load superfast!!


70+ bugs fixed including:


      • Sliders not working on touch devices
      • Added a missing property for the background colour of the date picker input box
      • Backgrounds colours set at publish time were not extending to the full browser window size
      • Fixed an issue where the web view was not always loading properly if it was hidden initially.