Turn your Excel spreadsheets into apps.

Squirrel365 enables you to create amazing apps driven directly from your spreadsheets with clicks not code!

From ordinary to extraordinary in 3 easy steps

It doesn’t get much easier than this…

1. Import

Import your Excel or Google files to provide the foundation for your project. Or start from scratch in the Squirrel spreadsheet.

2. Create

Add visual components to your project, customise them to get the look you want, then connect to the spreadsheet to bring them to life.

3. Share

Use a Web link to share your creation with colleagues or to embed it into your SharePoint, WordPress or any other website. You can even add your project directly into PowerPoint.

The perfect companion for your spreadsheets

It’s free to get started, all you need is Squirrel and your spreadsheet skills.

Watch how easily you can builds apps from spreadsheets

Import your Excel spreadsheet, design your visuals, and connect them together to create stunning interactive content.

No programming skills, no code, and no additional resources; just you, your spreadsheet skills and Squirrel. 

Download the free trial and see for yourself.

Would you like a demo of how you can quickly build apps from your spreadsheets?

Not quite ready to sign up to get started? No problem, we’d be happy to give you a personalised demo of how Squirrel365 easily builds apps from your spreadsheets. Simply click the button to schedule a demo and please feel free to invite your colleagues along

“Our first project was to deliver an emergency COVID-19 application. Squirrel helped us deliver that in a record time of just 3 weeks.”


David Behr, USPI

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Windows Version

Minimum system requirements: 

Windows version 10, or newer, and 8GB RAM.

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Mac Version

Minimum system requirements: 

macOS Yosemite Version 10.10, or newer, and 8GB RAM.

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