Three not-to-be-seen-anywhere-else PowerPoint Presentation techniques

by | Sep 21, 2021

I am looking forward to speaking at the Data Leaders world congress in a few weeks and I thought I would share are three not-to-be-seen-anywhere-else things I added to my presentation.

Not details from the talk, you will have to attend the conference for those.

No, what I want to share here are three things I was able to add to my presentation using Squirrel365.

As shown in the short video below they are:

An image animation
To match the data leaders website I wanted to have their animating background graphic in my title slide. There are probably other ways I could have done this in PowerPoint but given how easy it was in Squirrel I did it there (Squirrel components used: Timer, Image)

A live and interactive embedded web page
To make a point in my presentation I wanted to show and interact with a web-based weather forecast, I could have alt-tabbed out to a browser to do this but it is much cleaner to do it without leaving my presentation. The Squirrel Web View component allowed me to do this in under a minute (Squirrel components used: Web View)

An interactive calculator based on a spreadsheet.
If the first two uses are not quite what you would think of using Squirrel for, this one is completely mainstream. I wanted to demonstrate how much time could be saved using one method of solving a problem compared to another. I built a simple spreadsheet calculator to explain this then quickly create a Squirrel project based on it and embedded it (live and interactive) in my presentation

The video below shows each of these three uses in action, if you are interested in doing something similar yourself, you can download a trial of Sqirrel365 at

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