The Squirrel365 Community is here!

by | Feb 6, 2023

The Squirrel365 Community has launched!

After a long time, it’s finally here! The Squirrel365 Community is a place to connect with fellow Squirrel users and start a conversation, discuss projects, share knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences.

Why have we built a community?

We want a central place where our users can come together and help each other. Using Circle as the community platform, we’ve created a space where users can share their thoughts, ask questions and collaborate creatively with one another. Our vision is to make creating web apps and interactive content accessible to all. Above all, we want to give you a platform where you can inspire each other, and be inspired!

What can you do?

There are multiple spaces within the Squirrel365 Community that allow for various interactions.

  • Join the conversation – A space where you can ask fellow members questions, share Hints and Tips or Make suggestions for new features within the Squirrel app
  • News and Info – Find the latest information here, from Squirrel build releases, upcoming Events and Webinars (as well as access to previous ones) and links to our Knowledge Base
  • Show and Tell – Share your creations to inspire others or find inspiration for yourself

It’s all about the people…

We want our community to be welcoming and safe for everyone, both experienced and inexperienced users. We don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t belong. Check out our community guidelines to learn more about how you can help keep this space as safe and friendly as possible.

It’s easy to join

Just use your existing Squirrel login details to enter the community. You’ll need to be logged in to be able to comment or post.

Ask Questions

Have any burning questions about Squirrel? Need some help with certain components? Join in with, or start discussions, debates, and brainstorms on topics that interest you the most. Bounce ideas off like-minded people and share hints and tips with others who may benefit from your experience. If you have a burning idea that might make Squirrel better – then make a suggestion and see what others think!

Join Events

Take a gander at our upcoming events and webinars – the perfect way to learn about Squirrel and discover what you can achieve. From collaborations with fellow BI entrepreneurs to dashboard creators and data enthusiasts, there will be so much to learn. Find all the information that you need to join us and take part, including dates, times and what we’ll be talking about.
You can also find recordings of our past events, as well as a collection of webinars.

Share Creations

A pivotal part of the community is to gather and share all of your creations using Squirrel. Tell us all about your projects and the techniques you used. Share your creative process and the achievements you made, as well as the struggles that you faced and how you overcame them.

This space is an opportunity for us to share and inspire our fellow Squirrellers, and maybe even find inspiration for ourselves.

Don’t miss out – Join now!

Now’s the time to become a greater part of our community. Come share your ideas & experiences and get more involved in the world of Squirrel365. We can’t wait to see you there!