Squirrel365 is listed on Product Hunt

by | May 14, 2021

We are really excited to have launched Squirrel365 on Product Hunt. I first came across Product Hunt about 3 yrs ago and it was a revelation. A community of like-minded people sharing the coolest new products they had found or were using. No more being the last to know about a cool new app, now it was me asking the team if they had heard of ‘this”, or were using ‘that’.

What’s Product Hunt all about?

If you haven’t come across Product Hunt before, it is a curated list of the best new products in tech. A website designed to help you discover the latest mobile apps, websites and technology products that everyone’s talking about. If you find something that interests you, or that you already use, you can discuss it and vote for it. As the product grows in popularity more people discover it and so on.

And the great news is that Squirrel is now listed on Product Hunt.

image of squirrel365 on product hunt

I never cease to be amazed by all the innovative projects being created in Squirrel. And by launching Squirrel365 on Product Hunt we hope to get even more people talking about and using it. By growing our user base we can enhance Squirrel faster, putting more capability into the product and allowing you to do even more remarkable things with it

And if you’ve never seen or heard of Product Hunt before, check it out. I’m finding useful products on there all the time. Many of which increase my productivity some make life easier and some are just fun. Obviously, Squirrel is my favourite product on there now. By allowing you to create apps from spreadsheets it ticks all the boxes for the Product Hunt community.

If you love what you can do with Squirrel you can help make our Product Hunt launch a success by joining the discussion.