Squirrel365 Experience Day 2023

by | Oct 16, 2023

About the Squirrel365 Experience day

The second Squirrel365 Experience happened on the 28th of September this year, and I was lucky enough to present a session. The Squirrel365 Experience is a virtual event comprising unique content for the Squirrel365 community. Hosted by InfoSol and featuring sessions from users, customers and the Squirrel365 team it has something for everyone.
This online experience covered a wide range of topics, and I’ve summarised my top takeaways from each below.

The sessions


1. Building ROI Calculators in Squirrel that are Changing the Force in Sales by Ziv Barzilay.

Ziv showcases some of the solutions created using Squirrel365 and demonstrates the product’s power and potential. He describes how you can build apps in hours and how his team shortened the development lifecycle significantly with Squirrel365.
His use cases include POCs, ROI calculators, Pricing calculators and Complex apps. He also reveals how he has used new PowerPoint and PDF output generation to create one of the best examples of highly formatted output I have seen. Watch the recording of this session here.

2. Using the Window Size and Animator add-ons to create responsive web content in Squirrel365.

In this session, we cover how to use some of the more dynamic Squirrel add-ons – Window Size and Animator. I demonstrate how to create responsive or adaptive layouts, and also how to add some movement to your UI, for example, animation effects on UI controls or a sliding panel. Learn how to take your projects to the next level with these add-ons here.

3. Latest features added to Squirrel and What’s Coming Next.

It was amazing to look back over the last year and see all the enhancements, many of which were usability-focused and appreciated by the user community. There was a lot of interest in the new Google Sheets and Excel writeback connectors too. See the recording of this session here.

4. App in a Snap! by Josh Tapley

Building an app from scratch in 15-20 minutes. Josh takes an idea for a simple app to test different colour palettes for a dashboard and brings it to life before your eyes in under 15 minutes.
It was insightful to watch Josh using the product and demonstrating a clever and relatable example. Josh’s enthusiasm is infectious and he has realised the potential to get stuff done where development resources can be scarce
“And so a tool like Squirrel shows up and I’m very interested in the potential here because it’s always so challenging to get the resources to build out other business applications.”
I challenge you to watch this session and not want to get hands-on with Squirrel365.

5. Solving Puzzles with Squirrel by Rob Scott

Earlier this year Rob challenged himself to create a number puzzle slider in Squirrel365. Creating games with a no-code tool like Squirrel is a great way to challenge yourself, learn the tool and have fun in the process.
Rob deep dives into some of the challenges faced when creating his number puzzle slider game. And he drives home the message that he isn’t a developer yet he managed to solve some fairly complex problems with spreadsheet logic, a bit of lateral thinking and some help from the community and ChatGPT.
Rob’s session has a great tip for newbies to Squirrel and he also highlights the benefits of the Squirrel community…
“The community is growing and is special to me. I know that if I’ve got a particular problem or challenge, you just have to throw out a couple of questions and you get a hoard of ideas, which is fantastic.”
Watch this session here.

Final thoughts

As I reflect on the day, I’m amazed by the creativity of the Squirrel365 users and the support provided to each other. As no-code tools go, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a more flexible product with such a supportive community and product team behind it.
With so much great content, keep an eye out for the next Squirrel365 Experience event. And, if you haven’t already, sign up for a free Squirrel365 account and have a play.