Squirrel wins Prestigious Innovation Award

by | Jul 12, 2021

Innovation of the Year

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Squirrel365 has been awarded the Financial Modelling Summit award for “Financial Modelling Innovation of the Year”.

The financial modelling summit is the largest online gathering of the global Financial Modelling Community and having been shortlisted by a panel of their experts and then topping a public vote is a fantastic validation of Squirrel365’s value in the modelling world.

We are particularly pleased that this award is for innovation because as a companion product to Excel and Google sheets Squirrel opens a new world of possibilities for what is possible with a spreadsheet, and some of the new ways our customers are using Squirrel are truly innovative.

The Awards

More details on the other award categories and the other innovation finalists can be found at Awards – Financial Modelling Summit.

Many thanks to all our customers for their continued support and creative uses of Squirrel. Particularly to Bill Strauss at Future Metrics for nominating us for this award and for his critical use in using Squirrel as a small part in his efforts to address climate change.

Squirrel in Action

It is not just in financial modelling where Squirrel adds value, whatever you use a spreadsheet for, you can probably think of a way you could use Squirrel to great effect.

The 90 second video below gives a flavour of what is possible, if you watch it and are interested then you can get a free, no-credit-card-required, 30-day trial of Squirrel at https://squirrel365.io/get-started/