Squirrel “Save Our Nuts” Hackathon at IBIS 2022

by | Jul 19, 2022

The hackathon challenge!

This year at IBIS, the conference featured a Squirrel hackathon. Attendees were invited to build a project based on a spreadsheet. Eventually, the goal was to create a personal carbon footprint. After a swift introduction to the basics through our “Introduction to Squirrel” guide, the participants set off on crafting their very first project.

Neither of the winners had used Squirrel before the conference, however, they quickly took to the tool. Ultimately, they both produced great-looking interactive dashboards. Also, the younger winner (who was only 13) left the conference with a plan to hold a similar hackathon for her fellow pupils back at school.

Have a look at what they created:

Winner #1

“Using Squirrel was easy and fun. I was able to learn the program basics quickly. Additionally, I was comfortable using the tool since it had some of the same functionally as other tools I use (sizing, grouping and aligning objects). There were so many options for manipulating objects, it made it fun to make the dashboard look the way I wanted it to look”
Devon, Snohomish County

Winner #2


The Squirrel team can see just how intuitive Squirrel is and you can see this by what is being made. Also, it’s important to note that this was done in just a few days!

For more on Squirrel’s time at IBIS 2022, check out our Squirrel attends IBIS 2022 blog.

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