Salesforce’s extraordinary no-code, sales enablement app

by | Aug 18, 2022

Salesforce’s extraordinary no-code, ROI sales enablement app

Recently I talked with Ziv Barzilay from Salesforce on the Limitless BI Podcast to discuss his remarkable sales enablement app. Here are a few highlights of his extraordinary story.

Q branch

Ziv works in “Q branch” at Salesforce (yes like in James Bond). As Ziv puts it, Q Branch is:

“an innovation team providing business apps for various groups, including sales engineers and account executives, using cutting-edge technology”

One of the cutting-edge technologies they use (and the one Ziv is responsible for) is Squirrel365.

Using Squirrel

You might know Squirrel as a tool which allows you to create interactive web content like ROI calculators and interactive financial models directly from spreadsheets. But Ziv has taken Squirrel to a whole new level. In his words what he has created is:

“a full-blown business application which provides a next-generation business value framework for our account executives”

In other words, a web-based tool allowing salespeople at Salesforce to articulate the value of Salesforce solutions to their prospects in a fully customized and engaging manner. You could say it is an ROI calculator on steroids, but that would dramatically understate its capabilities.

Business Results

But any business application is only as good as the results it generates and here too Ziv’s app comes into its own:

“we have about 3000 account executives using the tool, we just rolled it our a year ago and [in that time] we were able to touch more than ¼ billion dollars of annual contact value (ACV)”

Which is all the more impressive given the application was initially built using no code in under 2 months by one person.

The Application

The strength of the application is that is offers a guided path through the complex ROI calculations which means the sales team can be self-sufficient in using it with their customers and prospects.

The culmination of the app is a screen which gives a presentation quality “dashboard” explaining the ROI benefits of moving to the Salesforce cloud.

Try for Yourself

If that has piqued your interest then you can hear the full podcast at Limitless BI – Business Intelligence Podcast.

Or you can see Ziv demo an early version of the app at Webinar on demand – customer spotlight Salesforce – Squirrel365.

Or if you want to try using Squirrel for yourself then register for a free account here.

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