Goodbye Xcelsius! Hello Squirrel.

Xcelsius/SAP Dashboards may be dead but your .xlfs are not.
Carry on where you left off with Squirrel365. The modern alternative/replacement for Xcelsius.

The Squirrel365 team can help you convert existing .xlfs

A smooth transition

Convert your .xlfs

You don’t need to throw away your Xcelsius (SAP Dashboard) files. With bags of experience converting even the most complicated .xlfs to Squirrel, we’re here to help you get your projects off the ground.

See how Squirrel works

Watch this short video (1min 25s) to learn how Squirrel is an effective replacement for Xcelsius (SAP Dashboards). 

Want to know more? Schedule a call to discuss.

Pick a time that suits you and schedule a call to discuss conversion requirements and your options for moving on from Xcelsius SAP dashboards in a post flash world.

An interface similar to Xcelsius

A helping hand

Familiar interface layout and core functionality

To help you settle into Squirrel and find your way around, we’ve designed an interface that’s similar to Xcelsius. But… it’s even better! You’ll be zooming around and building projects in no time, just like you’ve always done.

Your data, your way

Connect to your data and make it dynamic

Work with static spreadsheets or connect to live data. Simply import your Excel file or connect to external sources including .csv files and SAP Business Objects. Alternatively, you can manually input your data straight into Squirrel. It’s easy for you to connect to your existing data.

It's easy to connect to your data
Check your dashboards work before export.

A different view

Troubleshoot your dashboards in Debug mode

A pain-point for many Xcelsius/SAP Dashboard users was testing your dashboards before you exported them. Well, Debug is a neat opportunity to check your project works as intended — it turns on canvas interaction so you can see what’s happening in the spreadsheet as you interact with your project.

End of an era – but not for your dashboards

Squirrel doesn’t rely on Flash and has all the best bits of Xcelsius (SAP Dashboards). It’s been designed so you can carry on from where you left off, with an expert team by your side.

“Squirrel is hands-down, the easiest conversion (for our Xcelsius dashboards).”


Narmadhaa Surenthan, Tenet Health

"I have converted over 150 Xcelsius dashboards and the end result looks and works better than the originals. The speed and quality of technical support is nothing short of amazing.”


Mike Orr, Cromford Report

"Squirrel is a worthy successor to Xcelsius, with a familiar look and feel."


Cliff Alper, Analysis Factory

"Squirrel365 is not only a replacement for Xcelsius, it is better. We are very pleased not only with the product but also with the responsiveness of the support team to our questions.”


William Strauss, Future Metrics