Squirrel Release Notes

We are regularly improving and adding new features to Squirrel

Version 1.7.13


Hotfix for an issue with sliders

As part of the work done on the slider component in 1.7, .sqrl files containing sliders that were created in earlier versions of Squirrel were automatically converted. In some cases, this conversion process caused problems in the file. This hotfix addresses that issue by correcting the file (if it contains the problem) and ensuring that the conversions are correct going forward.

Version 1.3.16


Hotfix for a number of issues present in some projects

      • Deleting objects that had a bindings cleared/modified could sometimes cause a crash
      • Adding a series to an area chart was causing squirrel to crash.
      • Lots of gauges in a dashboard could slow things right down.

Version 1.3.11


Hotfix for a couple of issues that were found in v1.3

      • Data insertion for Data Mover was only firing for the first series.
      • Charts that were bound to data block containing a single series didn’t display as they should.

Version 1.3


Spreadsheet enhancements

We’ve added another way to copy and paste: you can now grab the fill handle and drag it over the range that you want to copy to. It will fill based on the active cell and will automatically insert formulas with relative references. It just makes it a bit easier to work with the spreadsheet.

We’ve also enabled the option to export your spreadsheet so you can take it out of Squirrel and do what you want with it.


Zoom zoom

No more scrolling around to see your canvas at design time — Simply zoom in or out using the zoom level dropdown. It’s soooo much better!


Grid overlay

To help you line things up, you can now switch on (and configure) a grid overlay. It’s visible in Design mode to really help you get the pixel-perfect layout you’re after.


Charts and the new Schedule Viz component

We’re always looking to give you more control over your components: this month we’ve added more functionality to charts, including sorting options on Column and Bar. We’ve also fixed some bugs along the way.

Looking for a way to display data with start and end dates or times? The new Schedule component is just the job! It’s a Gantt ‘style’ chart allowing you to plot date and time ranges against categories or tasks. It’s a useful component that could, for example, help you visualise task/project management or resource allocation.


Export to Excel and PDF

Simply add the relevant component and select one or more ranges in your spreadsheet to allow users to export the data as a .xlsx or generate a PDF at the click of a button.


We fixed a bunch more bugs and made further improvements.


Version 1.2


Spreadsheet enhancements

The spreadsheet now includes support for named ranges: imported spreadsheets containing named ranges now work as they should and you can add or select named ranges using the area in the top left of the column headers. And by popular demand… OFFSET() has been added to the list of functions.



Database (DB) Query and DB Writeback connectors — you can now connect to InfoBurst and execute SQL statements to retrieve data, or even write information back to, your database. The possibilities are endless!!

We’ve also updated the CSV connector to allow you to filter the data.


More multi-select

We’ve created a List Box component and included support for multiple selections — ideal for allowing users to pick from a list without taking as much space as the List Builder.



We’ve improved the way you add data to charts: the new bind to datablock option lets you add multiple series in one go.


External Parameters function

Pass information into your Squirrel dashboard using the URL or Javascript postMessage.


We fixed a bunch of bugs:


      • Data insertion for Data Mover was not always triggering when status = value. This is fixed.
      • You can now scroll through the sheets to get to those that are outside the visible area of the spreadsheet.
      • Improved handling of negative numbers and decimals in the properties panel.
      • Stopped Squirrel from crashing when binding scorecard headers to a different row.

Version 1.1


Spreadsheet enhancements

Squirrel’s spreadsheet capabilities are growing all the time. You can now insert and delete columns and rows from a right-click context menu.


Start page options

From the Start page, choose from a list of default canvas sizes or create your own custom size. Simples.


99 bugs fixed including:


      • Fixed an issue where the tooltips on charts sometimes displayed ‘NaN’.
      • Slider component now lets you set a max value greater than 100.
      • Some decimal values were being converted to dates in the spreadsheet. We’ve stopped that from happening.
      • Binding the selected item property on the scorecard is now working as it should.
      • Fixed some problems where data insertion was not always triggering after updating the selected item.

Version 1.0


Squirrel V 1.0 officially released!

After working hard for the past 18 months and going through a rigorous Beta phase we are bursting with pride to officially launch Squirrel to the public.