Squirrel Release Notes

We are regularly improving and adding new features to Squirrel

Version 1.17


Repeat container goes horizontal – Repeat objects in columns or rows

The repeat container has a new option allowing you to set the direction that your content repeats in. Choose to repeat content in columns instead of rows and you can easily create dynamic column based designs such as pricing tables, cards and carousels.


Independent border and padding control

Take full control of your borders and padding with advanced properties allowing you to set independent:
  • Corner radius
  • Border width
  • Padding.


Color picker gets gradients

We’ve completely re-written the property panel color picker. It now has support for gradients. This release supports gradients on the rectangle and main canvas components. This will be rolled out across more component in future releases.


Custom code – Add custom CSS and JavaScript

Add custom CSS and JavaScript to your projects to further customise the look and feel of applications.


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager gives you the ability to add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, re-marketing and more. You can now add your GTM container ID to your Squirrel projects.


We’ve also been busy exterminating bugs and generally improving things including:

  • Selection box now moves correctly when x and/or y properties are bound
  • Font switcher now displays fonts in descending order
  • Correct the automatic number sequence of objects in the object browser
  • Google Sheet connector now brings single values through correctly
  • Fixed a crash in the scenario component
  • Web View components now no longer run when they are dynamically hidden
  • Fixed issue with repeat container scrollbars not showing correctly
  • Header wrapping applied to scorecard and data table components
  • Scorecard data insertion correctly resets when selected item is changed to -1.

Learn more about the changes in 1.17 here.

Version 1.15.6


Hotfix for crash when opening files


    • In 1.15 we implemented a fix to address an issue with the series name in the sorting dropdown being incorrect. Unfortunately, this introduced another issue where charts that have sorting turned on, but no data values would caused the project to crash. This hotfix addresses the issue.

Version 1.15


Repeat Container – Save time using the new Repeat Container

Building interfaces just got loads easier. Drag and arrange objects into the repeat container and they are automatically repeated in rows (column and grid layouts coming soon). The magic happens when you bind the container to a range that contains all the values that should be dynamically replaced in the property bindings for each new instance of the object/component.


Impact analysis

Ever wondered what is putting data into that cell in the spreadsheet? or if you’ll break anything if you update a valuue or formula? With Impact analysis we’ve made it possible to select a cell in the spreadsheet and find out what components, functions or connections are bound to that cell, or even what formulas are referencing it.


Bulk property editing – Update properties on multiple objects in one go

Select multiple objects of the same type and update their properties at the same time.


Font Switcher

Changing the font used in a project (especially after you were a considerable way into its creation) used to be painful. Now you can get a list of used fonts and styles and switch then easily for another.


New and updated components, functions and connections

  • Text Area – NEW
  • Multi-select Dropdown – NEW
  • Browser Info – NEW
  • Hotspot now lets you capture the mouse position ( x and y)
  • CSV connector gets Data Sheet option


We also squished a bunch of bugs and made a few improvements including:

  • Adding alignment options in to the quick setup tab on Text Label
  • Fixed an issue where the zoom level wasn’t reseting properly on the selection layer after going into an out of debug
  • Object browser icons now display properly on high DPI screens
  • We fixed a few bothersome chart issues including tooltips not ignoring end blanks, alerting not working when sorting is applied and a crash when binding pie charts to a single cell
  • Number formatting on slider tooltip fixed.

Learn more about the changes in 1.15 here.

Version 1.14.7


Hotfix (optional) for a couple of issues


    • Fixed an issue with pie charts not displaying correctly. In some circumstances, they would appear as a vertical title. Only affected charts in containers that are made visible before their parent container.
    • Parameters were being passed to a DB query as undefined rather than null when the cell is empty

Version 1.14


Performance improvements – Faster loading projects

We’ve improved runtime load performance (the time it takes to load the published project) and reduced the length of time taken to open large projects in the designer. We’ve seen files open up to 14x quicker and published projects load up to 19x faster in the browser.

The spreadsheet is getting quicker too. We’ve optimised how the calculation engine runs to get the same results with less processing.


Scrollbars on containers

Make your projects more versatile with scrolling containers. The container component now includes an option to enable scrollbars. Turn this on to get scrollbars appearing.


Conditional logic for Dynamic Visibility

You can now choose to show or hide components based on more than just matching a value. Conditions include:

  • equal / not equal
  • gtr than / gtr than equal to
  • less than / less than equal to
  • is empty / is not empty

We’ve also added the option to ignore the case


Tableau Parameters

It’s now easier to set up and configure parameters for integrating with Tableau. The new Tableau Parameter function makes passing data into your embedded Squirrel projects a cinch.


We also squashed a bunch of bugs including:


      • Tooltips are back on the slider component
      • Clicking on the binding tooltip now changes the active sheet and scrolls the sheet to bring the active cell/range into view
      • Changed the abbreviation for values in charts to use B, rather than G, for billions
      • Fixed a scenario where the designer would crash when using Data Insertion on Bar Chart with sorting applied.

Learn more about the changes in 1.14 here.

Version 1.13.11


Hotfix to stop the designer crashing when adding a line component


      • Fixed an issue where the designer was crashing when adding a line component (only happened when adding it by drawing it to size)
      • Drop down was not setting the selected item in preview (or published output)
      • Radio button blocking selection in filtered rows mode.

Version 1.13.10


Hotfix (optional) to fix legend colours on charts and a couple of minor issues


      • Series colours were not always updating properly in the legend
      • Data table not honouring colours in the spreadsheet
      • Fixed an error where deleting columns or rows could on rare occasions break formulas
      • An issue with lowercase or mixed case named ranges not working properly in formulas
      • There was an issue with webi custom elements not handling single value parameters properly.

Version 1.13.6


Hotfix for an issue on import spreadsheet and charts flickering


      • There was an issue where users reported charts flickering after upgrading to 1.13.5
      • Fixed a prob where data was not coming into the Tableau extension properly
      • Importing spreadsheets could cause absolute cell references to be lost when importing a .xlsx if they were created with auto-fill (grab handle). Read more about this here.

Version 1.13.5


Hotfix for a few issues in 1.13


      • Some users reported blinking/wiggly charts after upgrading to 1.13, we’ve fixed this.
      • Fixed an issue where double clicking on a squirrel file to open the designer would open the wrong file if you already had the Squirrel designer open
      • Sorted a problem where external parameters with missing bindings would cause the designer to crash
      • Scorecard and datatable weren’t respecting column widths settings and column alignment was being ignored
      • Deleting a sheet could sometimes cause a crash>
      • Exporting as .xls where there was a #REF! in the spreadsheet would cause the file to be reported as corrupt.

Version 1.13


IMPORTANT ! – Sqrl file format change

As part of our spreadsheet engine improvements, the format of .sqrl files has changed between versions 1.12 and 1.13.

This means that a .sqrl file saved from 1.13 cannot be opened in 1.12 or earlier versions.

Before you start using version 1.13 we recommend that you take a copy of your sqrl files in their current format in case you need to revert to them at some point in the future. And if you are collaborating with other people on your Squirrel projects, all collaborators should upgrade to 1.13 at the same time so that everyone can open each other’s files without issue.

Launching locally published projects by double clicking on the index.html file will no longer work

In previous versions of Squirrel, locally exported projects could be run directly by opening their index.html file from disk directly in a browser. From 1.13 onward locally exported projects will only run when accessed from a Web server.


Chart improvements – Big changes under the hood

Charts have been updated. We’ve made some big changes behind the scenes which means that charts now draw or refresh faster. Great news for projects that are heavy on charts and it has also allowed us to add a few much-requested features:

  • Grouped bars (or clustering) – grouping series within a category to make charts easier to read
  • Overlay chart
  • Series re-ordering
  • value axis bands
  • log scale
  • legend reflects the series style

The charts have been given a slightly fresher feel by adjusting some of the default settings too. of course you can always style them however you like.


Smart Guides and snap-to

We’ve added Smart Guides (red lines) to help you line things up. Guidelines appear which show you when an object or group is aligned to the centre, top, middle, bottom, left or right of another object. The object will snap to edges and centres too.


Selection box and resizing

The selection box has been cleaned up a little to reduce clutter. When you select an object on the canvas just the corners of the object will have the resize handles but you can hover grab any part of the box (vertical or horizontal) to resize. When doing so a new size info box will appear to show you the dimensions making it easier to precisely size your components.

You might also notice that the components follow the cursor in full now when you drag them instead of only the outline box coming with you.


Groups get dynamic visibility

You can now set dynamic visibility on groups.


Multiple designer instances

We have added support for multiple instances of the designer (windows only).


We squished more bugs including:

      • COUNTIF() fixed to not treat blank as zero
      • Designer crashing in some cases when data insertion source bound to single cell
      • and 80 bugs relating to charts


Known Issue – zoom level reset


If you work with the canvas at a zoom level other than 100% then, when you come back to design mode from debug, you will find that while the canvas remains zoomed but the selection box reverts to a zoom level of 100%. This means that when you select an item its selection rectangle will not be in the correct place.

This can be fixed by reselecting the zoom level (tip: press Ctrl+ then Ctrl- to increase and immediately decrease the zoom level)

Version 1.12.9


Hotfix for an issue with number formatting (issue only present in v1.12.8)


      • Changing the number formatting option to Number, Percentage or Currency with 0 dp’s caused the decimal point to appear
      • Turning on the thousand separator option with 0 dp’s caused the value to disappear altogether.