Squirrel Release Notes

We are regularly improving and adding new features to Squirrel

Version 1.16.10013

  Hotfix for an issue with Excel and Google connectors When previewing or debugging your project with either of the Excel or Google connectors selected in the property panel; the selected oauth credentials were cleared out resulting in an Error: [Object object]...

Version 1.16.10013


Hotfix for an issue with Excel and Google connectors

When previewing or debugging your project with either of the Excel or Google connectors selected in the property panel; the selected oauth credentials were cleared out resulting in an Error: [Object object] message.

We have updated the flow, so that the credentials are not cleared during debug or preview.

Version 1.16.11

  Hotfix for the following issues introduced in v1.16.   Designer crashes when deleting a duplicate container Locally exported projects not loading images correctly (affects v.1.16.8) Main canvas background images not working in PWA (affects...

Version 1.12


Quick Setup Properties – We’ve simplified setting up components

The new ‘Quick Setup’ panel is a curated set of properties that help you configure, and style, your component quickly and easily. No more wading through sections and subsections to complete the basic setup. Don’t worry though, all the fine control over how a component looks and behaves is still there under the ‘All Properties’ tab

The quick setup properties also include help on each section, accent colours (pick a colour and we take care of the rest including text colour contrast) and text styles.


More font choice and recent colours

We’ve extended the list of fonts available by adding popular google fonts such as Roboto, Montserrat and Ubunto. And the colour picker has been updated to include a list of recently used colours, making it easier to style your projects.


Object Browser – New and improved

When dealing with large numbers of components and groups, it could be hard to find the one you are looking for. We’ve added a search bar to make this easier.  While we were at it we flipped the order of the component list so it now works like other tools where objects at the top are the topmost layer. And a new right-click menu gives you access to perform common actions on one or more selected objects.


Chart enhancements – Abbreviate large numbers

Our new single tooltip cleans up your charts so that you don’t need a separate tooltip for every series. And we’ve added vertical gridlines too, giving you more control over how you style your charts.


We also squashed a bunch of bugs including:


      • Issues with some currency symbols in charts causing a crash
      • Fixed the border on/off property not working for label based menu
      • Up/down arrows not always working on border-width property

Learn more about the changes in 1.12 here.

Version 1.11.4


Hotfix for a few issues in 1.11

      • Problems with Auto Recover on mac after a crash
      • Deletion of original (dummy data) series in chart could cause Squirrel to crash
      • Scenarios sometimes do not load properly when inserted into a range referenced by a data mover.

Version 1.11


Scenarios – Save and retrieve snapshots of your published model

The new scenario component lets you define ranges in the spreadsheet that can be saved and restored by the end-user. Choose whether this should be saved locally (on the end-users machine) or in the cloud for all viewers of the published project to access.


New Help Centre – In product help…

Get access to help articles, tutorials and guides from within the Squirrel designer. Complete with a nifty search feature that lets you find the help you need.


Installer improvements – non-admin install and notarized mac installer

The Mac version is now fully notarized (great news for all the mac users out there!) and we’ve made it possible to install on windows without needing admin privileges.


Chart enhancements – Messy tooltips are a thing of the past

Our new single tooltip cleans up your charts so that you don’t need a separate tooltip for every series. And we’ve added vertical gridlines too, giving you more control over how you style your charts.


70+ bugs fixed including:


      • Delete and duplicate items went missing from the right-click menu after a datasheet was added
      • Spreadsheet export fails with an off-screen error when functions have the wrong number of arguments
      • Chart alerting colours not updating properly when bound to the spreadsheet
      • Date picker rendering issues
      • INT function does not treat Boolean values like Excel
      • Crash when data mover is bound to a single cell
      • Default setting not always working on Toggle switch
      • Value input does not display its value when selected and text colour bound to a cell.

Version 1.10


Datasheets – A better way to load data from Excel Online and Google Sheets.

We’ve been working on a new way to load data from your connectors. Datasheets are a new type of sheet that grow with your data — you no longer need to guess the size of your destination range. Making it quicker and easier to design and build projects. The datasheet option has been added to the Google Sheets and Excel Online connectors.


Load data at design time – Sync datasheets

Connectors that use Datasheets can be synced with their data source at design time. The sync option will grab the latest data and allow you to use it when designing your project. So there is no need to enter dummy/mock data when Datasheets are used.


Drop shadow

Get ‘arty’ with drop shadows.


Project Manager improvements

When working with large numbers of published projects you could find yourself waiting for the page to load. No one ikes to wait so we’ve sorted this out. Your project manager should now load superfast!!


70+ bugs fixed including:


      • Sliders not working on touch devices
      • Added a missing property for the background colour of the date picker input box
      • Backgrounds colours set at publish time were not extending to the full browser window size
      • Fixed an issue where the web view was not always loading properly if it was hidden initially.

Version 1.9

Account-based licensing and improved billing/subscription management
We’ve been hard at work improving some of our back end systems to bring you a better experience. After updating to 1.9, when you launch Squirrel you will be prompted to complete your account registration. Follow the steps on-screen and log in to Squirrel to carry on as normal.

All new account management area

We’ve added a new account management portal that allows you to:

  • Easily manage your payment card details
  • Access to billing history to download invoices
  • Manage your profile online


In-app help and resources

We’ve added the ability to make help available from right there in the Squirrel Designer. Look out for in-app guides for new features and functionality.


‘Click to follow’ property bindings

The binding tooltip has been enhanced to jump you to the cell/range in your spreadsheet that the property is bound to. This should make it a lot easier to navigate around your projects and work out what is linked to what.


Version 1.8

Deprecation of support for Internet Explorer
Squirrel 1.8 will be the last version that supports Internet Explorer (IE). From 1.9 the output from Squirrel will only be viewable in a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (chromium version) and Apple Safari.

This is in line with Microsoft’s own policy which dropped Teams support for IE late in 2020 and plans to drop IE support for 365 Apps (including Excel, Outlook and OneDrive) from 17th August 2021. You can read more about Microsofts plans to end support for apps and services here

Deprecation of experimental xlf migration utility
Some customers have tried out an experimental feature added to Squirrel for Migrating XLF’s. This migration wizard has been deprecated and will be unavailable from builds 1.9 and beyond.


New Components 

We’ve added a bumper crop of new components to Squirrel to make building apps even easier:

  • Date Picker
  • Toggle Switch
  • Progress Bar
  • Icon
  • Metric Tile

New connections

Read data from and create, update records in this popular no-code database.

Zapier trigger
You can now use Squirrel to trigger workflows in Zapier meaning you can send data from Squirrel to over 3,700 other systems.


Component Enhancements

We’ve added a property to let you fix the height of rows in the body of the scorecard. You’ll find it under BODY ROW STYLING. Turning on the option to ‘Enable fixed row height’ allows you to enter the row height in pixels.
This is useful if you want to display more rows in a set table size or to ensure that the scorecard rows line up exactly up with other components consistently across browsers.

Unsplash integration
The image component has a new option to search for and add images from Unsplash. No more trawling the internet to find a suitable image you can do it directly from within Squirrel.

Maintain aspect ratio
The aspect ratio of an image is now locked by default. You can override this by disabling this setting in the properties panel for the image.


Designer workflow improvements

Binding Tooltips
A tooltip now displays the full cell reference when the mouse hovers over a bound property.

New spreadsheet number format
It is now possible to select a number format that shows a comma as the thousand separator in the spreadsheet


Publishing workflow enhancements

We now carry forward the project name from the canvas properties meaning you don’t have to keep entering the name for your project each time you publish.

NB: for older projects, you will need to go and set the name in the canvas properties before publishing as it will override the name you specify in the project name field during the publish dialog.


44+ bugs fixed including:


      • Open recent file does not always work if the current project has unsaved changes
      • Some range references get wrongly stripped of quotes if sheet names have spaces in them
      • Clearing the undo/redo stack on re-import of spreadsheet
      • Data mover getting stuck in a loop under certain circumstances and causing Squirrel to crash.

Version 1.7.13


Hotfix for an issue with sliders

As part of the work done on the slider component in 1.7, .sqrl files containing sliders that were created in earlier versions of Squirrel were automatically converted. In some cases, this conversion process caused problems in the file. This hotfix addresses that issue by correcting the file (if it contains the problem) and ensuring that the conversions are correct going forward.

Version 1.7.12


Hotfix for a few issues in 1.7

      • Added dynamic visibility to labels automatically created for older spinner and slider components.
      • Fixed an issue we introduced in 1.7 where absolute references ($) were not being preserved in conjunction with cut/paste operations or deleting columns/rows.
      • Squished a bug where chart data that was bound to a range beyond column Z (AA onwards) caused a crash.
      • Undoing an action to add a new series caused a crash.
      • Local publishing was crashing for users on a trial license. We’ve fixed that!!
Note: if you are on any of our early access programs you will receive a separate communication about this hotfix with a different download link.

Version 1.7

Important information relating to the Slider component

In 1.7 support for the ‘enable range’ option to turn a single slider into a dual slider has been temporarily removed. This capability will be re-introduced in a later version. If this is a requirement for you please let us know and stay on version 1.6 for the time being.

Also, in this release, we have fixed a number of issues that were causing issues with the sizing and alignment of sliders. The result of this is that when a project saved from an earlier version of Squirrel is opened in 1.7 positions of sliders may have changed slightly and may need to be manually repositioned.

Additionally in 1.7 support for “end values” has changed. In previous releases the “end value” option for a slider would add a text label outside the bounds on the slider to indicate the currently selected value, as in the image below:

As a result, 1.7 no longer has the option for the slider to display an integrated end value. If you need to display an end value for a slider this can be done by adding a separate text label and binding it to the same cell as the slider.

Projects which were created in previous versions of Squirrel will be automatically updated when opened in 1.7 to split the end value into a separate text label. You may need to make small adjustments to the position of this label to make the project look exactly as it appeared in the previous release.

Important information relating to the Value Input component

We have added the ability to style the numbers in the input field.
However, support for “labels” has changed. In previous releases, the “label” option for a value input would add a text label to the left of the main component.

However, similar to sliders (above), this caused issues for sizing and alignment of components. As a result 1.7 no longer has the option to add an integrated label. If you need to display a label for a slider this can be done by adding a separate text label and positioning it appropriately.

Projects which were created in previous versions of Squirrel will be automatically updated when opened in 1.7 to split any value input labels which were present into a separate text label. You may need to make small adjustments to the position of this label to make the project look exactly as it appeared in the previous release.


Add-on Components and Functions

We’ve introduced the framework for add-on components and functions for Squirrel. You’ll see this in the designer in the form of both a new icon in the component library and a new function. For now, it’s just the plumbing required to make these things work, but watch this space as we further roll this capability out over the coming weeks and months.

Let us know If there is a particular component you would like to see as an add-on or if you are interested in joining our component developer program.


Designer workflow improvements

Undo/redo extended to bindings and the spreadsheet
Undo and redo (both from the edit menu options and the keystrokes ctrl-z, ctrl-y) have been extended to cover bindings and spreadsheet activity.

Note: all actions are managed in a single list. So whether actions take place on the canvas, in the property sheets or the spreadsheet they are all undone in turn in the reverse order to originally taking place.

Size matching actions available from the “align” toolbar
The “Make same width”, “Make same height” and “Make same size” actions are now available from the rightmost icon on the toolbar at the top of the property sheet as well as from the “Arrange” menu.


Component Enhancements

  • Added styling and formatting for the Value Input (spinner)
  • We’ve made it possible to change the orientation of the X-Axis labels on a bar chart.
  • All charts (except pie charts) now have animation options to control if, when and for how long animation occurs. The options are available via a new ANIMATION sub-section of the GENERAL settings
  • There’s a new option to “Update value real-time” on Text Input controls. Turning this on will cause the spreadsheet cell to be updated with each keystroke, not just when the whole entry is complete or the field loses focus. The setting is available in the DATA INSERTION section of the property sheet.


Function Enhancements

Data Mover
Trigger a data mover when a spreadsheet cell changes (previously it was only possible when a cell was set to a particular value)

PDF export
We’ve added support for removing and changing password protection on generated PDF’s these include:

  • Password to open
  • Password to edit
  • Allowing editing
  • Allowing copying


Spreadsheet workflow enhancements

To make working with the Squirrel spreadsheet easier we’ve been fine-tuning added a number of enhancements and new features including:

  • Improved Rebind workflow (get straight to the bind screen to rebind or clear the input field and confirm to remove)
  • Added support for Page Up, Page Down and Ctrl+Home navigation keystrokes in the spreadsheet
  • Delete sheet warning


Copy spreadsheet data from Debug mode

You can now copy (ctrl+c) data from the spreadsheet to the clipboard during debug.
Copied values can then be pasted (ctrl+v) into the spreadsheet in design view (useful for grabbing sample data from a connector).


Spreadsheet Formula helper

Typing in the formula bar now pops up a list of matching functions.Use the cursor keys or a single click to select an item in the dropdown to see a description

With the required function highlighted you can double click or press “tab” or “return” to insert it and display the syntax/arguments. No more popping back into excel to remind yourself how to structure a VLOOKUP!!


New connectors

QaaWS (SAP Business Objects)
This new connector lets you retrieve data from your SAP BusinessObjects system using “Query as a web Service” (QaaWS).


We’ve added templates!! To help you get started with a project we have added a number of templates for common solutions/apps. We’ll be adding to our catalogue of templates over time. Got an idea for one? get in touch.


Revised start page and improved onboarding

An all-new start page experience. From here you can access recent files, browse a list of available templates, select from popular pre-canned sizes for your project or app. Get easy access to help and tutorials and discover what’s new in Squirrel365.


We squished over 190 bugs including:


        • Column and bar charts scale truncated with negative numbers
        • Scorecard – editing cells with thousand separators enters a bad number
        • Listbox selected item does not work if the items are numbers
        • Listbox selected item not working if “Include ALL item” selected
        • ROW and COLUMN functions not working
        • EOMONTH function not working properly
        • Data table not inheriting some formatting in the first row of the table
        • Line component does not always update its position when x and y are dynamically bound
        • Dropdown near bottom of a project (not in container) scrolls the whole canvas
        • Bar/Column Chart series opacity doesn’t work
        • BIWS crashes when invalid WSDL entered
        • Unable to Export Spreadsheet due to colour formatting
        • Crosshairs remain visible when the “Chart cursor” option is disabled

Version 1.6.11


Hotfix for a few issues including a problem where the app would sometimes crash on startup

      • Updated the order of stuff when Squirrel fires up. It should now be much more robust on startup.
      • Squished a bug where some cell references weren’t updated at design time, after copying and pasting in the spreadsheet.
      • Fixed an issue with the list box where binding the selected item to multiple cells was causing an ‘Ooops screen’.