Learn how to…

Take an existing spreadsheet and transform it into interactive content.

Take an idea for a widget or app and build it using components and spreadsheet logic.

These starter project files are designed to help you learn the basics of Squirrel through hands-on learning.

The .sqrl file contains instructions to help you complete the project, but detailed tutorials are also available should you want to build your project from scratch.

A smooth transition

Learning Squirrel is easy!

Squirrel’s in-product onboarding will get you started. And as you explore in more depth, there’s a whole range of video tutorials and how-to hints and tips so you can get the most from your trial.

By your side

We’re there to support you

From the moment you start your trial our support team will be on hand to help you get your projects off the ground. Log into our Support site and let us know what questions you have