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by | Jul 7, 2023

Build no-code games with Squirrel365

You probably don’t think of Squirrel365 as a tool to build no-code games, but you might be excited to know that it is in fact possible!

One of the joyful things about creating software is seeing the totally unexpected things that people do with it, and Squirrel365 is no exception. No-code games were not something we expected people to create with Squirrel when we released it, but that is exactly what some of our users have done. Check out these examples below, and remember – these are all powered by the logic of a spreadsheet!

Sliding Tile Puzzle

Created by Rob Scott, this addictive sliding tile puzzle game will take you back to your childhood days. It’s still just as fun, and just as challenging.

Play the Sliding tile puzzle game

Sliding tile puzzle game


The Squirrel team set a challenge to the community members to see who could recreate Tetris using Squirrel365. Two people rose to the occasion! Both versions are pretty faithful to the original…

Play Tetris by Graham Ames

Tetris made in Squirrel made by Graham

Play Tetris by Josh Tapley

Tetris made in Squirrel by Josh


Josh Tapley also recreated this popular Wordle game. However, the Squirrel version allows the user to play over and over again, meaning the fun never ends! We think it should be called ‘Squirdle’!

Play Squirrel Wordle


This mobile version of a Pokedex was created by Josh Tapley. We’re loving the use of animated characters and the randomize button!

Play Pokedex


Sport of Kings

Rich Harvey was inspired by a classic for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (if you are old enough to remember that). This horse racing game allows you to challenge your friends to pick a winner. Once the race is started only Squirrel knows who is going to win, watch events unfold and see who will get to the line first.

Play Sport of Kings


Want to make a no-code game in Squirrel?

Whack-a-Squirrel… tutorial

If you are keen to make a game in Squirrel but aren’t sure where to start… try out our step-by-step tutorial that guides you through creating a simple whack-a-squirrel game.

Try the whack-a-squirrel tutorial


Share your Squirrel Games!

We’d love to see what games you can create with Squirrel365. All you need is your spreadsheet skills and some imagination! Make sure you post them on the Squirrel Community

Happy Squirrelin’