No-code apps for Ninox with Squirrel365

by | Feb 28, 2022

Easily create web-based apps for Ninox with Squirrel and no-code


Squirrel provides a highly productive, no-code environment to allow non-technical users to create fully fledged web apps which connect to Ninox databases. The two short videos below show:

  1. A full functionality CRM example build in Squirrel on top of a Ninox database
  2. A “from-scratch” explanation of how to create a simple read/write Squirrel project on a

If you would like to try Squirrel for yourself, you can sign up for a free account here.

What’s new in Squirrel365 v1.13

What’s new in Squirrel365 v1.13

Canvas/selection layer Version 1.13 sees a number of improvements to the ways you select and interact with components on the canvas. Smart guides 1.13 sees the introduction of Smart Guides which make it easier to align components as they are moved around the canvas....