Quick Set-up Properties


Version 1.12 saw the introduction of the Quick Set-up tab in many property panels, making it easier to configure and style components. This new tab contains the basic properties required to get a component working and looking good.


The full list of properties can still be accessed on the “All Properties” tab.


In the Quick Set-up tab, the new accent colourpre-canned styles and text styles allow you to set up your component quickly and easily. Clicking on one of the “See All Properties” buttons will jump straight to the appropriate section in the All Properties tab so you can further customise the look or behaviour of the component.


If you make a style change in All Properties that is not compatible with a style on the Quick Set-up tab, you’ll see an icon indicating that the style has been overridden. Click on this icon to re-apply the style:


Some choices in the App Properties tab will invalidate making changes in the Quick Set-Up tab, if this is the case then a message will appear in the Quick Set-Up tab with a link to go directly to the appropriate section of the All Properties tab


The Quick Set-Up tab also provides help pop-ups which can be seen by clicking the various help icons.


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