This article describes the hotspot component and its properties.

The hotspot is like an invisible button that can be used to capture mouse clicks from the user, in addition, it can also capture mouse over and mouse out interactions. Use it to trigger actions such as hiding or showing other components, moving data, etc.

Select hotspot from the controls category of the component library. Move the mouse over the canvas and click to add a hotspot to your project:


Hotspot Properties

The hotspot properties consist of DATA INSERTION, INTERACTIVITY and DYNAMIC VISIBILITY drawers. This guide will describe the data insertion and interactivity properties only; the dynamic visibility properties are generic to each component and a separate guide and tutorial on dynamic visibility can be found here.



There are three options for triggering data insertion on the hotspot:

  • MOUSE OVER – will trigger data insertion when the user’s mouse moves over the hotspot.
  • MOUSE OUT – will trigger data insertion when the user’s mouse moves out of the hotspot.
  • CLICK – will trigger data insertion when the user clicks on the hotspot.

To enable an option, ensure that the check box adjacent to the option has been checked.

All three options work in the same way. Bind the Source Data property to the cell in the spreadsheet that contains the data to be copied, then bind the Destination property to the cell that the data is to be pasted into.



It is possible to disable the hotspot:

Bind the Status property to a cell in the spreadsheet, and either add a value to the Value property or bind it to a cell containing a value in the spreadsheet. When the status property and the value property are equal, the hotspot will be disabled. Leaving these two properties empty will ensure that the hotspot is always enabled.

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