How to create scenarios with Squirrel365 and Ninox

by | Jun 3, 2021

Ninox is a cloud database that can be used to store and retrieve data from your Squirrel365 projects. This opens up a range of possibilities. One of which allows users to create and save scenarios from a Squirrel project and re-load them later.

Saving scenarios with Squirrel365 and Ninox is easy. In this blog, you’ll learn just how easy it is. You’ll also learn:

  • what it looks like from an end-user perspective, and
  • how the resulting data looks once it’s saved back to Ninox from within the project.

For a video demonstration of how to create scenarios and save them to Ninox, watch our on-demand webinar Building no-code apps with Ninox and Squirrel365. Donald MacCormick, Squirrel365’s CSO walks through how to create scenarios and save them to Ninox at around 12:16 minutes in.


Saving scenarios in a SaaS Revenue Growth Model

Saving scenarios in a Revenue Growth Model

This SaaS Revenue Growth Model was built by adding components (charts, tables…) to the Squirrel canvas, and binding them to the model in the Squirrel spreadsheet.

For a general overview of how Squirrel works, check out our blog, How to make a calculator app in Squirrel365.

The connections to Ninox give the project user the ability to:

  • load and save particular combinations of inputs as scenarios, and
  • return to them later.


This image shows how scenarios set up in Squirrel, are saved in Ninox.

Scenarios from Squirrel365 are saved to Ninox


To set the scenarios, the user adjusts the sliders on the left, then clicks on the folder icon at the bottom (see top image) which brings up a Scenario Management box.

It’s then a matter of entering a scenario name and hitting save. The scenario name will appear in the Load Scenario drop-down so they know it’s saved back to the Ninox database.

Saving a new scenario to Ninox


And here it is. Squirrel has dynamically added the new scenario to the Ninox database (notice the new “Ninox scenario” entry in the table).

New scenario saved in Ninox


For more examples of what you can build using Ninox and Squirrel365 combined, take a look at our blog Easy app making with Ninox and your Excel skills.

If you’d like to try out the power of Squirrel and Ninox for yourself, download our 30-day free trial.