Global Excel Summit 2022

by | Dec 17, 2021

Excel Summit –The world’s largest virtual gathering of Microsoft Excel users

Squirrel365 will be speaking, exhibiting and demo-ing at the Global Excel Summit in February (Feb 9th – 11th, 2022). We are thrilled to be part of it for a the second year in a row.

Squirrel will be amongst an array of Microsoft MVPs, Excel masterclasses and technical presentations. We’ll be talking about how our award winning* Squirrel365 can transform your spreadsheets into interactive Web apps. Then, we’ll demo how easily these can be shared with a link, presented into PowerPoint or embedded in your Web site or blog. All with no code!

Best of all we are partnering with one of our customers. They’ll be sharing how they use Squirrel to help make their customers more sustainable. The name of the customer may surprise you, but let’s just say it’s someone close to the heart of the Global Excel summit! (more details to come soon).

So, whether you are an Excel professional, or just someone who uses Excel from time to time –sign up, come along and learn more than you ever thought possible about Excel.

Check out the Excel Summits Expo page to find out more and to see who else is going to be part of this fantastic event. The eagle eyed among you may even notice that the page features an interactive revenue model created with Squirrel.


*Squirrel365 won “Financial Modelling Innovation of the Year” at the Excel Summit’s sister event The Financial Modelling Summit


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