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by | Dec 9, 2021

Need a calculator?

Are you looking to build a calculator and embed it on your website? Or do you want to enhance a static powerpoint presentation with some realtime calculations and forecasts? If so, take a look at our new calculator templates and get a head-start. They are free to use and are ready-to-go, or you can customise them to suit your own needs.

You can find these new templates in Squirrel, from the Templates section (on the Start page).


Why use a calculator?

Value calculators help customers and prospects understand their ROI on products and services. More and more businesses are using them to collaborate with customers these days. They help to create more successful business cases and accelerate the sales cycle by demonstrating results to users in real time.

Conversion calculators are handy tools that enable users to make quick calculations between commonly used units. These kind of calculators are invaluable to users as they can help someone make a decision, or choose the right product.

Mortgage Calculator template

This mortgage calculator is used to estimate monthly and total payments for the mortgage loan. It includes various loan amounts, terms and interest rates. It’s really easy to use and it solves a lot of issues by providing the relevant information instantly. The mortgage calculator is a simple yet extremely powerful tool that helps to build trust between customer and lender – a trait that has always played an important role in the financial sector. 

Salary calculator template

This calculator provides an easy way to calculate the equivalent hourly and monthly wages based on your annual salary. It considers total hours worked per week, potential bonuses, and factors in vacation time into its calculations. You can always easily edit the calculator to suit your specific needs, such as including different taxation factors, and any other additional variables.

Website conversion revenue calculator template

This calculator shows the predicted impact of converting website visitors into actual sales. Adjust the rates and the average sales cost to see the additional revenue possible. 

Length conversion calculator template

This converts length units from the imperial system to the metric system and vice versa.

Mass conversion calculator template

This converts between kilograms, grams and pounds (kg, g and lbs). All of which are measurements of mass and weight. 

What kind of calculator do you need?

If you have an idea, or need a specific type of value calculator – let us know! We might already have something up our sleeve that you can use, or we can at least give you some pointers on how to get started. You never know we might even build a template based on your suggestion!

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