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Take your spreadsheet to the next level

Turn an ordinary spreadsheet into extraordinary content in just a few clicks.

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From tables to text, charts to check boxes and sliders to Sankey diagrams, you’ve got the flexibility you need to create content your way.

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Manipulate your data, drive animations and even pass information into and out of your project. Squirrel functions offer a powerful extension to your spreadsheet logic.

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Give your projects dynamic access to data. Connect directly to your business systems and databases or to online spreadsheets in the cloud.

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Start with a spreadsheet

At the heart of Squirrel is the Spreadsheet. It’s the powerhouse of your project providing both the data and the logic. You can Import a spreadsheet from Excel or Google Sheets or create one from scratch inside the Squirrel designer.

Add components

With a Library packed full of charts, tables, image and text components, you choose how you want to present your data. Then manage the flow with controls such as buttons and dropdowns, customising the look and feel along the way.

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Bring your content to life

Connect your components to cells in the spreadsheet and watch the magic happen! A slider changes one cell, a button changes another; the values flow through formulas and drive which data is seen in which components and when. This is how you take the logic in your spreadsheet and turn it into extraordinary interactive content in your Squirrel projects.

Connect to your data

If needed, you can connect your Squirrel projects to external data so they are always up to date. Whether that’s directly from your business systems and databases or on-line from spreadsheets in the Cloud, there’s an option for everyone.

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Publish & share

Share projects with your colleagues using a simple web link. Alternatively, embed into SharePoint or other websites using cloud embed code, or export and host locally on your own web server. Unlimited sharing means the widest possible audience.

Present in PowerPoint

Engage your audience with dynamic presentations. Use the free Squirrel365 Viewer (from the Microsoft store) to easily add your Squirrel projects to your presentations bringing them to life.

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Manage with ease

See all your published projects at a glance in the Squirrel Project Manager. Activate and deactivate your published projects or change their sharing options from a central catalogue. Also, understand the reach of your projects with real-time viewing statistics.

A smooth transition

Learning Squirrel is easy!

Squirrel’s in-product onboarding will get you started. And as you explore in more depth, there’s a whole range of video tutorials, starter files and how-to hints and tips so you can get the most from Squirrel.

By your side

We’re there to support you

From the moment you sign up our support team will be on hand to help you get your projects off the ground. Log into our Support site and let us know what questions you have.

What will you create today?

What will you create in Squirrel365?