A New Way to Add Dynamic Content to Your Medium Stories

by | Sep 21, 2021

I recently posted a story on Medium which is significantly different from any of the other millions of stories ever posted to Medium.

Not just because the words are different (that wouldn’t really set it apart) but because it contains the following interactive content which not only animated but can be switched to “manual” to allow the reader to play with it for themselves (go on, hit the “Manual” button and give it a go)


See the full story on Medium to understand what this animation-model is telling us.

What I want to highlight in this post is that this is a completely new type of content which can be added to your Medium stories to enhance your words and engage your readers.

The tool that makes this possible is Squirrel365 which let’s you take ordinary spreadsheets and turn them into this type of amazing, interactive content which with a single click you can embed in your Medium stories.

For an idea of the range of possibilities visit the Squirrel showcase.

If any of this appeals to your creative side then you can get a 30 day free trial of Squirrel here (no credit card required).

What’s new in Squirrel365 v1.13

What’s new in Squirrel365 v1.13

Canvas/selection layer Version 1.13 sees a number of improvements to the ways you select and interact with components on the canvas. Smart guides 1.13 sees the introduction of Smart Guides which make it easier to align components as they are moved around the canvas....